Dr. Charlene Monk, Founder and Senior Pastor
Rev. Lawrence N. Cooper, CoPastor
Rev. Dawn L. Barnes, Executive Pastor/Youth Pastor
Rev.Jonathan Frost, Assistant Pastor


Executive Pastor – Reverend Dawn L. Barnes
The Administrative life of the church exists to balance effectiveness and efficiency of all church operations and strategic management. The purpose is to advance the New Horizon Christian Faith Church’s overall mission and implement the vision of the Senior Pastor.


Chairperson – Deacon Karen Jackson

The deacons of the New Horizon Christian Faith Church are committed to servant-leadership. Our deacons are ordained laymen who carry out a variety of practical and spiritual ministries that assist the pastor, Dr. Charlene Monk.  Deacons are often given administrative and financial duties, such as reviewing budgets and recommending new church programs and personnel. They are dedicated to assisting in any facets of the church as assigned by the pastor, Dr. Charlene Monk.


Chairperson of Evangelism-Pastor Dawn L. Barnes
Chairperson of Missions- Roxanne Carter
Chairperson of Outreach- Pamela Williams

The Evangelism Outreach Missions Ministry provides outreach to persons in need of assistance. Evangelism is important to advancing the Kingdom through creative outreach approaches. Every 3rd Sunday of each month the ministry provides free groceries to the community. The EOM ministry is dedicated to practicing Christian compassion through outreach efforts, evangelism efforts and missions. It is important to use all available talents and resources to the glory of God to benefit the Kingdom of God.


Chairperson – Calis Adams
The Finance Ministry exist is to care for the financial affairs of the New Horizon Christian Faith Church.

New Horizon Christian Faith Church’s foundation is built upon prayer. Prayer is essential to the spiritual formation of the church. Intercessory Prayer convenes every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm. This prayer time is open to anyone who would like to pray or who is in need of prayer. All prayer requests are welcome.


Ministry Leader – Kelly Watson

The Liturgical Dance Ministry promotes worship through creative liturgical dance. New Horizon’s liturgical ministry consist of the Women and Youth Liturgical dance teams.


Chairperson -Rev.Jonathan Frost
CoChairperson-Deacon Ronald Lee Banks

The Men’s Ministry seeks to encourage, ignite, empower and inspire men to worship God, love their families, and positively impact their communities –allowing them to reach their fullest potential in God, for the work of the ministry and to make a greater Kingdom impact.


Minister of Music – Reverend Lawrence N. Cooper
Music Director – Neptune Pringle
Drama Ministry Leader – Carian Gray

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry is dedicated to ushering in the presence of the Lord through music, songs, dance and fine arts. This ministry consist of the following choirs: Senior Choir, Male Chorus, Youth Choir, Women for Christ Choir, New Horizon Praise Team and the New Horizon Ensemble Mass Choir. This ministry exist as a medium of expression to enhance the worship experience through theatrical works, music and dramatic presentations.


Youth Pastor – Reverend Dawn L. Barnes
Tanya Gaskins, Violette Wilson, Deacon Sean Hicks

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry seeks to empower, educate and encourage our youth and young adults to be productive citizens in their community, Kingdom citizens in the body of Christ and leaders of their generation. The ministry serves as a safe haven to allow you to develop your personal relationship with God, increase your self-awareness

with yourself and develop your skills to become effective in your community. The ministry applies a balanced approach to empower and build effective young leaders for today’s world. The ministry consists of the following: mime ministry, liturgical dance ministry, young men’s mime ministry, drama ministry, a youth choir and a summer leadership camp.


Chairperson – Maureen Whitsett

The New Members Ministry is a two-fold comprehensive orientation program dedicated to introduce all new members joining the New Horizon Christian Faith Church to the church principles and teachings, member involvement and expectations, and departments and ministries of the church. This ministry introduces all new membership to the culture of the New Horizon Christian Faith Church. It is important to the Pastor and all leadership of the church to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for our new membership to become acclimated and assimilated into a supportive family atmosphere.


Chairperson – Deacon Karen Jackson

The Public Relations and Media Ministry reaches the congregation and the community through media in order to inform, invite and enlighten others about the activities and ministry events at the New Horizon Christian Faith Church and its affiliates.

Seniors of Wisdom (SOW) exists to ensure that seniors of the church and the community are enhanced by offering stimulating activities. The SOW Ministry offer creative programming such as arts and crafts, informational seminars and workshops, shopping trips and a weekly bible study. The seniors bible study meets every Thursday at 11am.


Okeeta Nickens – CoChairperson
Deacon Ronald Lee Banks – Male Ushers Ministry Leader

The Usher Board Ministry exists to greet worshippers during each worship service, serve as gatekeepers to keep order during all church services by ensuring the safe and timely flow of all members and visitors into the sanctuary and provide assistance with offerings. The Usher Board provides guidance and information to church attendees to help provide a positive worship experience.


Chairpersons – Deacon Elect Delores J. Wright, LaTanya Banks
CoChairperson LaTanya Banks

The Women For Christ Women’s Ministry is designed to help us fulfill our Divine purpose as fruitful instruments in God’s loving hands.The Mission of Women For Christ is to assist women in the church and the community to develop to our maximum potential in Christ; to understand our role in the kingdom of God; and to use our gifts and talents to unify, inform, inspire and empower ourselves, our families and our communities. If you are a woman of this branch of Zion, you are a Woman for Christ.